Driving growth through inclusive strategies

Nov 18, 2020

Events earlier this summer led to an enhanced awareness of historic racial inequities, provoking a new sense of urgency among many manufacturers and retailers to be more inclusive - both internally and externally.  Many companies publicly committed to changing long-standing brand identities that play on racial stereotypes, e.g. Aunt Jemima, Uncle Ben’s, etc.

These types of marketing changes are needed, and welcomed by their consumers, but they are only the first step in creating a truly inclusive brand growth strategy that optimizes share, and profits, from diverse consumers.  Removing offensive messaging addresses a potential barrier but does not provide a compelling motivation to purchase.  Or pricing power.

Our proprietary Palate Mapping analysis has been leveraged repeatedly by industry leading clients to identify and capture underserved demand among multicultural consumers. This more inclusive product strategy can lead to significant profitable growth that is incremental to the base.

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Gloria Cox, [email protected]