So… what’s a job? A Job-to-be-done (JTBD) is a statement of progress a person is trying to make in a given circumstance.

The statement of the progress is built on in-depth interviews that dive into the most granular details of the circumstance and the customer’s desired progress at that moment in time.

The core idea is that Jobs are the essential unit of innovation. Products must be looked at through the lens of the service or experience they offer. A job should have specific hiring and firing criteria as well as clear specs for perfect fulfilment. In this view of the world category boundaries often transform.

The job spec and the storyboards behind the circumstances provide the granular insights that make product development efforts much easier.

Leveraging Jobs-to-be-done can (and should!) enable an entirely re-imagined innovation process that drives faster growth.

Client benefits: Our clients use jobs to be done to retool their innovation processes, platforms and product pipelines. When leveraged to its fullest extent, JTBD offers a new way for our clients to view market opportunities by creating a detailed frame of reference within which to innovate. The granular insight into the circumstances of struggle helps define product specs required for perfect fulfilment of a customer’s job to be done.


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