Demand Landscape™

The foundation of our approach to uncovering breakthrough growth opportunities is the Demand Landscape. Our proven approach is always evolving, but typically involves identifying Demand Segments and then going deeper to understand their needs in a multi-dimensional framework.

Once we have defined the landscape, we size the needs and quantify each intersection (segment by need state), to highlight the largest areas of opportunity. Quantitative sizing is a critical step to ensure our clients target the areas that have the greatest ability to impact their business.

From here, we map competitors to gain an understanding of where we can win and where we are better off to let the entrenched competitors hold their ground.

Then we leverage all of the data and insight to identify the key opportunities “where to play” and provide our clients with detailed guidance, profiling and tactics on “how to win”.

Client benefits: Our clients use the Demand Landscape to define their business strategies, guide their marketing efforts and inform their innovation pipeline. Our most successful clients also leverage the Demand Landscape to drive superior go-to-market strategies. Ultimately, the Demand Landscape provides a common language that can unite teams across the organization and supply chain.


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