Brand Value Proposition™

Our brand value proposition (BVP) process addresses the key questions required to unlock customer demand. We start by understanding who the customer targets are and uncovering their needs. We then dive into exploring their belief systems and expectations around the brand proposition(s) and potential solutions that are required to meet their needs.

We leverage existing and new customer insights to align on a preliminary brand equity model. The model is iteratively tested and refined with target customers to ensure the brand promise and product value proposition fully incorporate customer input and ideals.

We then use the brand model along with the iterative customer input to build a roadmap to deliver the proposition. The proposition is supported by strategic planks which will endure as core tenets of the proposition over a 3-5+ year period. Each strategic plank is bolstered by a roadmap of activities and actions that provide customers with the reasons to believe in the product proposition and the brand promise.

Next, we ensure the proposition meets six important criteria. It should be differentiated, enduring, and measurable enough to drive resource allocation while being sufficiently aligned and insulated from competition to sustainably drive long-term profit.

Finally, we identify who within the organization will lead each initiative and what metrics should be used to track progress. Done well, the BVP should provide guidelines and guardrails to help the organization make coordination decisions across all major functional areas.

Client benefits: Our clients use the brand value proposition framework to build a differentiated proposition that serves as the basis of product and marketing strategies. By starting with the needs of target customers, the BVP provides a sharper focus on both the tangible and the intangible benefits that inform the emotional territories for a brand’s positioning and activation platforms. 


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