Which pandemic archetype are you?

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have responded in a variety of ways, from their level of concern to how they are spending their time to their spending patterns.

In partnership with research firm Dynata, we have identified five distinct “Pandemic Archetypes” that define the different reactions to COVID-19.

list of different archetypes

In which group do you belong? Take the quiz below to discover your COVID-19 personality and what that says about you!

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COVID-19 Archetype Questionnaire

1. When thinking about COVID-19 how worried, if at all, are you personally about…? (Select one for each)

Not at all worried

Slightly worried

Somewhat worried

Very worried

Extremely worried

Does not apply

The health of elderly family members

Your employment

The financial markets

Healthcare systems being able to cope

2. Please indicate to what extent, if at all, you agree or disagree with these statements other people have made in light of the COVID-19 outbreak. (Select one for each)

Disagree strongly

Disagree slightly

Neither agree nor disagree

Agree slightly

Agree strongly

I know everything I need to know about how to protect myself from contracting it

People are over-reacting to the risks

3. Assume you had to self-isolate (shelter in place) for whatever reason. How much of a worry, if at all, would each of these be to you? (Select one for each)

Not at all worried

Slightly worried

Somewhat worried

Very worried

Extremely worried

Does not apply

Your ability to work from home

Running out of food

The impact on your mental health

Please answer all of the questions to get your results!

Confident Skeptic icon

You are a Confident Skeptic!

You’re confident that things will be back to normal soon. You think most people are overreacting and aren’t too worried about the impact of the virus on your personal life. You are *eye rolling* at the aggressive stocking up people are doing – this isn’t the end of the world! All that said, you are still conscious of the impact the virus can have on others, like older family members.

Pragmatists icon

You are a Pragmatist!

You’re pretty relaxed about things, relatively speaking. You’re surrounded by people on both sides of the pandemic spectrum – ones that are freaking out and others that say “no big deal”. Of course, you’re making some practical changes like avoiding older family members and washing your hands, but you’d rather rely on proven facts than get worked up about an article your neighbor sent you on Facebook.

Panicked Millenial icon

You are a Panicked Millenial!

This virus is so extra! Okay, so if you weren’t born after 1981, you’re definitely young at heart and are feeling a significant impact on your daily life. You’re particularly worried about your employment, the availability of essentials and maintaining some semblance of mental health with all this social distancing. You’re a little overwhelmed by the mass of information that’s emerged from the pandemic and are trying to cope in isolation by stocking up on food, entertainment and anything to bring you comfort.

Sheltering Alarmist icon

You are a Sheltering Alarmist!

You are a model citizen, following guidelines to stay at home and socially distance. All for good reason, though – you’re pretty worried about the pandemic, particularly on big-picture things like the economy and our healthcare systems. Watch out, though. Your neighbor might be knocking on your door soon for some toilet paper…

Older Connection Seeker icon

You are an Older Connection Seeker!

All this social distancing is a nuisance! But not to worry – you’ve kept your social network intact, replacing face to face visits with more phone & online time with friends and family. Other than that, you’re passing the time watching more shows and movies – who says Tiger King is just for the kids?!

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