Dimitar Antov


PhD. Economist, Dimitar Antov, is a Director and analytics advisor to The Cambridge Group. He has worked on a wide spectrum of engagements leveraging big data to drive strategic resource allocation, precision targeting, marketing and customer engagement.

Dimitar spent 13 years with The Cambridge Group. During that time his work centered around solving highly complex problems that involved advanced analytics to develop activation solutions. He developed The Cambridge Group’s initial methodologies around quantitative analysis, machine learning, predictive modeling and CRM database scoring.

Prior to joining the Cambridge Group, Dimitar worked as an equity trader at S.H. Brandt Investment Company.

Dimitar is a co-author of Optimizing Growth which was selected by Forbes as part of its recommended “2018 Summer Reading List for Marketers”.

Dimitar earned a Masters and a Ph.D. in Economics from Northwestern University. His research has been published in academic journals.

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