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CNNMoney/ chooses How Companies Win as the top rated of its “5 Books You Can Really Use” list

Praise for the Actionable Insights Contained in How Companies Win

We are enormously pleased to share that CNN Money/ has chosen to highlight the recent book by Rick Kash and Dave Calhoun, How Companies Win, as one of the 5 Books You Can Really Use.

According to CNNMoney/ “Until recently, making things better, faster, and cheaper was the secret to growth. But with supply outstripping demand, companies have to identify the most profitable customers. This book will tell you how to slice up your market into the richest sub-niches—called ‘profit pools.’”

Jack Welch, Sheryl Sandberg (COO, Facebook) and Leslie Moonves (President and CEO, CBS Corporation) have already commented on how valuable this book is. Welch characterizes it as “a persuasive case that winning in today’s market requires an understanding that supply-driven business models of the past will not keep pace with fundamental changes in our global economy and its digitally enabled consumer.”

Many business leaders, including the team at CNN Money/, recognize the actionable strategic insights contained in this recent book. It can serve as a call to action for yourself and others on your team to revisit the valuable insights contained in the book, or to make time to immerse yourself in its content if you have not yet had the opportunity.

Don’t wait. Put these insights into action in your business.

5 Books You Can Really Use

Nov. 1, 2011

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