Our Demand-Driven Approach

Whether you’re selling cookies or cars, your company will likely be challenged by certain economic realities. It’s not uncommon for supply to outpace demand.


Find and capitalize on demand.


Understand your consumer.


Hone in on what matters.


Make it actionable.


Make it work at retail.

Make Successful Innovation Predictable

Understand Consumer "Jobs". Deliver Against It.

This is where The Cambridge Group excels. Whether you know it or not consumers “hire” brands everyday to complete “Jobs” in their lives.  If the brand performs the desired Job well, the brand will likely be hired again.  If not, the brand will be fired.

The difference between successful innovations and ‘fired’ ones is a clear and actionable understanding of the Consumer Job to be Done.

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Superconsumers. A Simple, Speedy Way to Growth

Grow categories. Create new ones.

Superconsumers.  Who Are They and Why Do They Matter?  They are the 10% of consumers in any category that drive disproportionate sales and profit.  They exist in all categories.  It’s a matter of finding them, understanding them and acting on their insights.

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