Celebrating 40 Years of Client Impact

The Cambridge Group is celebrating 40 years of client partnership, innovative thinking, and results. We are taking a moment to celebrate the impact we have had with individual clients and more broadly on the businesses and industries in which we work.

The Cambridge Group’s 40th Anniversary Celebration Message from Gary Briggs

A message from Gary Briggs, CMO of Facebook, on the occasion of The Cambridge Group’s 40th Anniversary. Listen as Gary recounts the impact The Cambridge Group (www.thecambridgegroup.com) has had on various companies through the years.

The Cambridge Group’s 40th Anniversary Message from Jim Kilts

A congratulatory video from Jim Kilts on the occasion of the 40th Anniversary of The Cambridge Group .  We appreciate his kind comments on this occasion.

The Cambridge Group’s 40th Anniversary Message from Steve Hughes

Steve Hughes, Founder and Former CEO of Boulder Brands, comments on the 40th anniversary of The Cambridge Group. Hughes notes that as he “looks at the world of consumer packaged goods, I don’t think there is any group that has so fundamentally impacted businesses, changed careers for the positive and really changed how people think”. We are humbled by his kind words.